Tinnitus Sound Therapy – Healing Music While you Sleep and Wake Up Happy – 9 Hours Dark Screen

Tinnitus Sound Therapy – Healing Music While you Sleep and Wake Up Happy – 9 Hours Dark Screen
Meditation Black Screen – Relaxing SPA Music Therapy for Stress Relief
Meditation Music Relax Mind Body
Music of Tibet
Black screen video
9 Hours Sleep music
Hello my friends this is the second video i have made with music for tinnitus relief.
I have add a background noise that will help you forget your tinnitus when you hear that song.
On the top i have add some real relaxing sounds and textures.
That music with the noise background helps you relax, calm, and sleep.
The video is a real relaxing footage with some lights reflection on the sea water.
So you can leave the screen on and do not bother you when you want to sleep.
Hope you like it

Kiss you my Friends and waiting for your comments.

Open your computer screen, television, or your iphone adjust the speaker or headphone level at a comfortable volume and let the dreams take you away to a fantastic magic world.

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This is a music video for meditation , yoga practising , relaxing, and enjoying the time staying home. sleeping ,reading, dreaming, stress relief kill negativity.
More videos on my channel with
Indian flute,relaxing flute music,ukulele music, Great relaxing Ukulele real instrument and performance,Music of Tibetan monks

Calm and feel Relax hearing smooth relaxing music with acoustic,classical guitar and dream watching those beautiful landscapes and nature miracles on your monitor or tv.

Be well and happy … Summer is coming … Keep on dreaming…




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