Tinnitus Sound Therapy 4 [birdsong-based modulations]

After a period of experimentation and research, I’ve designed various soundscapes that seem to lessen, suppress or soothe high frequency tinnitus while they are being listened to. Tinnitus manifests itself in unique ways from person to person (and sometimes differently at different times in the same people), so these sounds may not work for everyone. But when appropriate masking stimulus is applied, tinnitus can remain suppressed for a period afterwards – bringing much needed relief to the individual – and this phenomenon is known as “residual inhibition” (RI). Long term listening may also result in positive effects, but as of yet there is no total, definite, permanent “cure” for the condition where it is noise-trauma related, and so these will likely bring temporary relief only while being utilised. It seems neuromodulation and lots of complex, “folding” sound designs in the upper frequency registers are particularly effective on a bad / “hot” / (or even “reactive”) tinnitus day, and when tinnitus is variable, different sounds work differently at different times. Therefore, various designs are available on this channel for different scenarios, and I will hopefully continue uploading new treatments that bring relief for a variety of tinnitus situations. I also aimed to make the soundscapes interesting to listen to as well as an aid to T.

Sounds and images by Robert Logan. Listen at a reasonable volume level.

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