Tinnitus Cure Healing Music – Tinnitus Sound Therapy #1 – Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones

Healing music for tinnitus, masking relief or cure of tinnitus symptoms. Sound frequency therapy using binaural beats + isochronic tones brain waves treatment, with carrier frequencies for enhanced healing of tinnitus ear damage. This brainwaves music therapy will also help with sinus infections/disorders, which may help relieve tinnitus.

Using isochronic tones means no headphones required, though you may find this meditation music more effective with headphones. For most effective treatment please listen to whole session, you may listen as often as required.

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Caution: Do not use while driving or operating any kind of machinery. Also this is not a replacement for any other medical treatments, if unsure consult your doctor.

Music composed and produced by Harmony Of The Mind
Videography/Animation/Photography by Harmony Of The Mind

©2021 Harmony Of The Mind

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