This Will Happen To Your Body When You Eat Burrata

From lowering the chances of heart disease and boosting brain function to regulating appetite, improving mood and so much more! Today we will be talking about what happens to your body when you eat burrata.

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Intro – 0:00
What is burrata – 00:53
How is it made? – 01:47
Optimizes sleep – 02:40
Good for brain – 03:08
Regulates appetite – 03:42
Smoothens digestion – 04:10
Strengthens teeth and bones – 04:45
Good for eyesight – 05:16
Protects the heart – 05:48
Regulates blood pressure – 06:28
Strengthens immune system – 07:04
Improves skin health – 07:40
Excellent source of protein – 08:12


1. Better Sleep
Anything that helps you sleep is a win! Just 100 grams of burrata cheese provides over 15 grams of premium quality protein. It is also packed with essential amino acids which are food for the brain. They help build, repair and maintain muscles while also synthesizing neurotransmitters that regulate sleep and mood. If you are experiencing sleepless nights then eating burrata earlier in the day will keep you full and ensure a good night’s sleep.

2. Good For Brain
Did you know that drinking a glass of red wine with some cheese may prevent age related cognitive decline? Ensuring that your brain is protected is important for its proper function. This means essential fats through the food you eat.

3. Regulates Appetite
Cheese and weight loss? Doesn’t sound right? Well, that’s not the case with burrata. Eating burrata is one of the best natural ways of losing weight. This is possible because of its nutritional value. The high concentration of protein makes you feel full for a long time. When compared to other types of cheese, it has a higher satiating capacity and can be a delicious addition to your weight loss diet. This will keep you away from unhealthy midday snacking sessions.

4. Smooth Digestion
Proper digestion is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Sadly, unhealthy food choices coupled with stress of a fast paced life wreaks havoc on the digestive system. When food is not digested properly, the body is unable to nourish itself and provide energy.

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