This Is What Fast Food Does To Your Brain

Do you become more impatient? Is sugar really that addictive? How much more depressed do you get? Wait, can too much fast food actually cause you to go on shopping sprees? What’s the connection?

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Intro – 0:00
You spend more money – 00:31
You become more depressed – 01:45
You become Hyperactive – 03:15
Loss of cognitive Function – 03:53
You become addicted – 04:53
You get more impatient – 05:45
You can’t control your appetite – 06:43


1. You Spend More Money!
That’s right, eating a fatty meal from your favorite burger joint may cause you to blow more cash than you usually do. Research has shown that households in neighborhoods with lots of fast food options have less savings in the bank. But not only do you blow cash inside the restaurant, you can also overspend outside.

2. You Become More Depressed
Let’s just get this out of the way… Fast food makes you depressed. A whopper every once in a while might feel good, but eating it every day is just going to make you feel like trash.

3. You Become Hyperactive
We often associate fast food with sluggishness. How many of us have eaten a whole pizza and then practically melted into our sofa? While this is real, the opposite can also happen.

4. Loss Of Cognitive Function
There have been multiple studies done on fast food consumption and its link to dementia and learning disabilities. People who eat a lot of burgers see a decrease in their brain function compared to those who eat healthier. For instance, research has shown that people who eat too much junk have weaker memories. They tend to perform poorly on simple memory exercises.

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