The Ultimate Guide On Effectively Engaging Your Core

Watch till the end because we’ll also be talking about the best exercises for it, types of muscles that are a part of the core and the best ways to do it.

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1. Rectus abdominis: The most well-known ab muscle, the rectus abdominis is the muscle responsible for the coveted six-pack. It’s a long, flat muscle that extends from your pubic bone to your sixth and seventh ribs. Your rectus abdominis is primarily responsible for bending your spine.

2. External obliques: These are the muscles on either side of your rectus abdominis. They lie underneath what people call “love handles.” Your external obliques allow you to twist your torso, bend sideways, flex your spine, and compress your abdomen.

3. Internal obliques: Your internal obliques lie just below your external obliques. And have the same functions as them.

4. Transverse abdominis: This is the deepest layer of muscle in your abdomen. It completely wraps around your torso and extends from your ribs to your pelvis. Unlike the other ab muscles, your transverse abdominis isn’t responsible for moving your spine or hips. But it does stabilize your spine, compress your organs, and support your abdominal wall.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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