My Experience with Afrezza – Inhaled Insulin

This is my experience with using Afrezza the only available inhaled insulin.

Afrezza has been available for years (the U.S. and Brazil only, unfortunately) and weirdly enough it’s not a well-known option. I don’t use it daily but I think it’s a brilliant tool to have in my diabetes toolbox, especially for high carb meals and resistant highs.
In this review, I’ll tell you more about Afrezza, how I use it as well as what I think are the pros and the cons.

00:00 Introduction
0:17 What is Afrezza inhaled insulin
0:35 Afrezza Pharmacodynamics
1:28 How to use Afrezza
5:19 Afrezza side effects
6:08 Pros and cons of Afrezza
7:52 Price of Afrezza and how to get it

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a medical professional, never stop your current treatment without consulting with your doctor

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