Music Therapy During Pregnancy: This Is What An Expert Has To To Say

Today’s video is a bit special as we have a Board Certified Music Therapist- Jenna Bollard with us. She’s worked on the Expressive Arts Therapies program at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. In this video, she’ll walk you through the importance of music therapy as a tool to overcome anxiety and stress during pregnancy.

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Intro – 0:00
1. What Does Science Say About Music Therapy? – 02:54
2. Music Affects Your Baby’s Brain – 03:26
3. Can Babies Hear From the Womb? – 03:41
4. What is a womb song? – 04:09
5. Is the womb song useful AFTER childbirth? – 04:38
6. Physiology Behind Music and Childbirth – 05:13
7. What Music Should You Listen to During Pregnancy? – 06:05


What Does Science Say About Music Therapy?
Several mothers have had a positive experience using music as a wellness tool. It opens up bodily senses, helps you relax, and makes you feel safe. A recent study found that listening to music helped pregnant women overcome prenatal anxiety. As a result, the health of developing the fetus benefitted.

Music Affects Your Baby’s Brain
Sounds strange, but it’s true! Listening to music is not only good for the expecting mother. But it also positively influences your child’s growth and development in the womb. Music helps develop a young child’s brain. Maybe that’s why lullabies are so popular!

Can Babies Hear From the Womb?
Sure they can! When you’re 16 to 18 weeks pregnant, your baby will hear their very first sounds. By the time you’re in the last few months of pregnancy, your baby’s ears have developed. They respond to voices and sounds by turning their heads!

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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