How to Practise Body Love on Your Period

The core of the JSHealth philosophy is about body love and learning to be truly kind to yourself. During that time of the month, make sure you are practising body love on your period and shower yourself with care and compassion. I’ve always believed intuitively that our bodies menstruating  is a great sign to embrace rest. 

Body changes on your period

Our bodies are physically  going through a lot. During menstruation we are our ‘shedding’ a lining – which from a metaphysical perspective, can be a time for our minds and bodies to ‘shed’ too and release or cleanse. Typically many of us can feel more lethargic, tired, agitated, bloated, sleepy or moody. All of this is totally normal as a result of the hormonal changes – never judge yourself. 

It is also so important to tune into your body at this time and give it all the love it needs. Focus on relieving the pressure to do it all and be a little more flexible and kind. Perhaps this means enjoying earlier nights, eating nourishing grounding food, saying no to social arrangements and choosing to exercise with love, not intensity. I love a gentle yoga class, anyone else feel me?!

Ways to practise body love on your period

Stress Management

A big one for me is lifestyle adjustments to support stress management. Eg: Letting go of intensive exercise regimes and finding the right balance with gentle movement. Too much exercise can affect the nervous system, leading to hormone changes. Being kind/flexible and exercising in ways that you love for 30-45 mins/day is the JS way.

Utilising tools daily for stress reduction is also key, eg: SFZ (stress free zone), nature walks, sleep, caffeine moderation and breathing techniques. 10-20 deep belly breaths in the bath/shower is my go to!

Science-Backed Supplement Support

In terms of vitamins, I do love fish oil for the essential fatty acid hit + magnesium for the nervous system. A great comprehensive option is our Menstrual Kit which we have created as part of Menstrual March. This trio includes our selected formulas Hormone + PMS Support, Detox + Debloat, and Magnesium+ to support overall healthy reproductive hormones, symptoms of PMS,  digestive health, and nervous system function. We are proud to be donating 10% of profits from every sale of the Menstrual Kit to Share The Dignity, whose work directly benefits those in crisis experiencing period poverty.


During this time I personally crave warm and nourishing foods. It is really a good time to tune into your body and appetite and eat foods you feel like. Enjoy a balance of eating wholefoods, and any of the foods you love and crave in moderation. This can also be a good time to explore healthy alternatives to your favourite indulgences eg: a healthy hot chocolate!

Find this recipe and so many more in our much-loved JSHealth App. 

Positive Self-Talk

I have always believed loving your body is the foundation of a healthy life. A body positive affirmation can be especially powerful during your period. Try saying the following out loud to yourself in the mirror: “I am grateful to my body for all it does for me. I honour all its phases, cycles, ebbs and flows. I treat myself as I would a friend – with love, kindness and compassion.”

With love, 

Jess xo

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