How to Cope with Tinnitus

How to Cope with Tinnitus.
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Tinnitus is a phantom noise; a ringing, buzzing, roaring, clicking, or hissing without any outside source. It is frequently caused by damage to the ear from noise, but can also be caused by ear infections, certain drugs, high blood pressure, and old age. Sometimes it will pass quickly without any intervention. Other times it will disappear after the treatment of an underlying condition. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from chronic Tinnitus, a case that lasts for at least six months. Even in these extreme instances, there are ways to ease the discomfort.
How to Cope with Tinnitus:
1. Check for earwax.
2. Rule out head trauma.
3. Check with your doctor to determine if you have a vascular condition.
4. Consider changing medication.
5. Talk to your doctor about auditory disfunction.


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