Fermented Vegan Ragi Ambli Recipe | Dairy Free Probiotic Drink for Weight loss & Vitamin B12 | Hindi

Today I am going to share with you How to make Fermented Vegan Ragi Ambli / Ambali, it’s one of the best Dairy Free Probiotic Drink for Weight Loss and Vitamin B12. You can use any millet to make this recipe. However, like making it with ragi or finger Millet also known as Nachini. Ragi is one of the healthiest options available owing to Ragi’s rich calcium, iron, and antioxidant content. Also, Ragi is a lot more easy to digest for your gut. As time taking as it may be, it is definitely worth all the effort. Also, what it needs is just some amount of pre-planning.

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Whole Organic Ragi : https://amzn.to/2NEFW9p
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Pink Salt : https://amzn.to/3rf17gZ
Jaggery powder : https://amzn.to/38kThKf

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