Airpods Pro Tinnitus Treatment Tutorial | Airpods Hearing Aid Review 2021

Did you know that the new Apple Airpods Pro have features that can help with hearing loss and tinnitus. In this video, learn how to set up the Airpods Pro in your ears to optimize them for tinnitus and different kinds of tinnitus. Tinnitus treatment is now easier than ever.

0:00 – Airpods Pro Tinnitus Treatment Tutorial | Airpods Hearing Aids
0:40 – Online Hearing Test on iPhone
1:37 – How to Access Hearing Aid Features in iOS 14
2:50 – iPhone Transparency Mode for Hearing Aids with Airpods
3:57 – How to Stream Sound Therapy with Airpods Pro on iPhone
4:50 – How to Adjust Airpods Pro as Hearing Aids
5:27 – What You Need to Know About Tinnitus Treatment with Airpods Pro
8:08 – The Mixing Point
9:21 – Pros & Cons of Airpods for Hearing Loss & Tinnitus


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Microtia Is Treatable

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What a Hearing Center Can Do for You

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Research Your Options Before You Purchase a Hearing Aid

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A Hearing Test Can Help You Preserve Your Ability to Hear

When you notice that you are not able to hear along with you once did, it is time to schedule a hearing test. Do not just think that gradual hearing loss is something you should resign yourself to experiencing. Be aggressive in taking care of your aural health.

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