2021 VEGAN WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY Join me as I share my 2021 vegan weight loss journey, Week 2 update following the guidelines of The Starch Solution.

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Want added support along your weight loss journey? Text me at (612)230-8900 and let me know found me on Plant Based Joy and you’d like weekly motivation and accountability.

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00:00 Vegan Weight loss Journey
00:30 Weight Update for Week 2
01:06 Issues and concerns
06:28 Meals this past week
08:57 YIKES!!! I screwed up
10:35 Surprise (sad) Discovery
11:31 Are Chia Seeds bad for you?

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Want added support along your weight loss journey? Text me at (612)230-8900 and let me know found me on Plant Based Joy and you’d like weekly motivation and accountability.

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// C R Y S T A L

Hey there! I’m Crystal. I run this joy’nt! Thank you for following along as I shed these emotional pounds.

Starting Date || 01/17/2021
Starting Weight || 211
Current Weight || 207
Goal Weight || 140

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