11 Bedtime Stretches That Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

How does a bear hug help? Are neck stretches and head rolls important? How about the famous butterfly pose? Today we are going to talk about all the stretches to do before bed to get your zzz’s.

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Intro – 0:00
Not stretching before bed? You totally should! – 00:43
1. Spinal twists – 01:47
2. Head rolls – 02:11
3. 5. Neck stretches – 02:41
4. Bear hug – 03:11
5. Seated forward bend – 03:45
6. Child’s pose – 04:16
7. Assisted chest stretch – 04:50
8. Butterfly – 05:20
9. Seated side stretch – 05:58
10. Sphinx pose – 06:32
11. Knee to chest stretch – 07:00


1. Spinal Twists
This stretch improves spinal mobility. It is a great exercise if you have a hunched back or work over a desk. You can do it while laying down on bed with arms extended out on either side. You will have to lift your left leg and cross over to the right side of your body until your knee naturally touches the floor. For a deeper stretch, turn your head towards the left. Repeat this with your right leg crossing over to the left side.

2. Head Rolls
This is a simple stretch that can be done seated or standing up. It is particularly beneficial for releasing neck tension. Begin by sitting straight in a chair. Inhale and gaze up to the ceiling while keeping your neck long. Then bring your left ear down towards the left shoulder and hold this position for a while. Next roll down your neck and bring the chin towards your chest. Hold for a bit and then slowly roll your head towards the right shoulder. Repeat this twice and remember to inhale and exhale in a controlled manner.

3. Neck Stretches
The key to a good night’s sleep is to relieve any neck tension. Neck stretches can help achieve that and also provide relief to shoulders as well.

4. Bear Hug
This stretching exercise works the upper back muscles. Doing this before going to bed alleviates discomfort in the shoulder blades. It is also a great way of getting relief from poor posture or frozen shoulder.

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