10 Health Benefits Of Eating Fermented Rice

What makes fermented rice better than regular? Is it more nutritious? Does it give you healthy skin and hair? What about its impact on your mental health and immunity? We’ll be talking about all of that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
You get more nutrition in comparison to regular rice – 00:24
You will find relief from several health problems – 01:14
You will get healthy skin and hair – 02:24
You will experience improved digestive health – 03:00
Your immune system gets stronger – 03:36
Foods will be easier to digest – 04:08
Your mental health will improve – 04:54
Good for your weight loss goals – 05:18
Your heart will be healthy – 05:43
It will restore your gut health after taking antibiotics – 06:09


1. You get more nutrition in comparison to regular rice
If you aren’t acquainted with fermented rice, you might be wondering what’s so special about it. Of course, the taste is good. But fermented rice is one step ahead of the regular rice you eat. It has more nutrients, even though it’s the same rice eaten in a different way. It’s the overnight fermentation process that adds more nutrients to the rice.

2. You will find relief from several health problems
Fermented rice is one of the top recommended foods for sick people. In many cultures, when children have an upset stomach, they’re given rice fermented with curds. Is there any truth behind the healing powers of fermented foods?

3. You will get healthy skin and hair
Everybody wants beautiful skin and gorgeous hair. But are you eating right? Your diet has a huge impact on your skin, hair, and nails. The good thing is fermented rice is awesome for your hair and skin.

4. You will experience improved digestive health
Fermented rice is loaded with probiotics. These boost the population of good bacteria in your gut.

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